Omaha Tribe elections bring new council members and chair

Staggered elections sees four council members continue in office

Macy, Nebraska, Omaha Indian Reservation (November 14, 2013) – In elections last Tuesday for the Omaha Tribal Council, former councilman Clifford Wolfe, Jr. and new council members Vernon Miller and Adriana Saunsoci were elected to three-year terms.  Five candidates were on the ballot for three positions on the seven-member council.  The other candidates were Amen Sheridan and Carlton LeCount.

At the Omaha Tribal Council’s organizational meeting, the Council appointed Clifford Wolfe, Jr. as Tribal Chairman.  The other officers were reappointed, with Doran Morris, Jr. continuing to serve as Vice-Chairman, Gwen Porter continuing as Secretary, and Tillie Aldrich continuing as Treasurer.  Jeff Miller rounds out the council membership. Due to staggered terms, council officers serve one-year terms.  The council members elect officers and appoint committee members to seven council committees.

Chairman Clifford Wolfe Jr., a tribal elder, has served previously on the Tribal Council. Wolfe looks forward to continuing the progress the Omaha Tribe has been making towards rebuilding its assets damaged by the Missouri River flooding.  Vernon Miller is the former Business Teacher at Omaha Nation Public School in Macy, Nebraska.  Adriana Saunsoci is a former employee at CarlT. Curtis Health Education Center, the Omaha Tribe’s health care facility in Macy.


The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska is a federally recognized treaty tribe with a government-to-government relationship with the United States of America.  The Tribe, consisting of nearly 6,000 Native American tribal members, is organized under a written constitution and bylaws adopted in 1936.

Images: Omaha Tribal CouncilVernon Miller

Gwen Porter, Omaha Tribal Secretary,
Clifford Wolfe, Jr., Omaha Tribal Chairman, 402-837-5391
Vernon Miller, Omaha Tribal Councilmember, 402-837-5391
Adriana Saunsoci, Omaha Tribal Councilmember, 402-837-5391