Omaha Tribe Human Resource Department

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Human Resource Mission Statement


The mission of the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska’s Human Resource department is to maintain a fair, equitable, and positive work environment for all employees, in support of the mission of the organization, and its ultimate value, is primarily independent upon its people; and the development and maximization of potential for each employee which will create job satisfaction and career opportunities for individuals and provide maximum benefit to the organization. This mission is accomplished through the following major objectives:


1) Inspire and encourage a high level of morale through employee recognition, effective communication, and constant feedback. Regular employee evaluations, establishing clear objectives and providing relevant and positive feedback to assure continued employee professional development through coaching plans and individual development plans.

2) Provide professional human resource consultation to the organization regarding staffing, organizational effectiveness, training and development, compensation, social justice, Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action, benefits administration and related practices.

3) Provide employees with the tools, training, and knowledge that will motivate the employees to perform in the most effective and efficient manner.

4) Establish, administer, and communicate sound policies and procedures that would afford employees fairness and equality while complying with all applicable regulatory bodies.

    HR Filing Clerk/HR Receptionist:

Cynthia Grant,, ext. 138

    HR Personnel Officer:

Janet Merrick,, ext. 151

    HR Employee Benefits Officer:

Richard Hastings Sr.,, ext. 155

    HR Director:

Barry Walker,, ext. 102

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