The Omaha Tribal Council has authorized and recognized the Omaha Tribal Historical Research Project (“OTHRP”) as the official institution of the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska to conduct all culturally relevant and related affairs, whether for academic and/or cultural research regarding the ethnological, cultural, and historic past of the Tribe.  Resolution No. 02-42 (March 15, 2002); Resolution No. 91-19A (January 19, 1990).

One of OTHRP’s projects is “New Moon Moving” – the Umonhon Tribal Interpretive Center and Museum. New Moon Moving is proposed as a “world-class exhibition, archival and educational facility situated among ancestral Reservation lands on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River in the northeast quadrant of Nebraska, along the eastern edge of the Great Plains of the North American steppe — greatest prairie region on earth.” OTHRP engaged architect and Nebraska Native Vincent Snyder to design the museum. Learn more about this project and others at OTHRP’s website.

Nestled among wooded lands rich in both sacred and historic sites, New Moon Moving’s unique and remarkable design is exemplary of both geographic and cultural place. Sculpted literally atop a bluff 270 feet above the flood plain, New Moon Moving affords in three directions an exquisite view of the immediate Missouri River basin, north, south and east, to the Iowan Loess Hills beyond. At the cliff base are low-lying wetlands to be set aside as a wildlife sanctuary, while the accompanying wilderness both north and south along the river and atop the bluffs, plentiful with diverse plants and animals and local sites of interest, will feature several hiking and horse trails, offering at least two canoe landings.

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