Tribal Law

Treaties with the Omaha Tribe


The Omaha tribe of Indians do hereby cede, sell, and convey to the United States a tract of land from the north side of their present reservation, defined and bounded as follows, viz: commencing at a point on the Missouri River four miles due south from the north boundary line of said reservation, thence west ten miles, thence south four miles, thence west to the western boundary line of the reservation, thence north to the northern boundary line, thence east to the Missouri River, and thence south along the river to the place of beginning; and that the said Omaha tribe of Indians will vacate and give possession of the lands ceded by this treaty immediately after its ratification: Provided, That nothing herein contained shall be construed to include any of the lands upon which the said Omaha tribe of Indians have now improvements, or any land or improvements belonging to, connected with, or used for the benefit of the Missouri school now in existence upon the Omaha reservation.


The Omahas agree, that so soon after the United States shall make the necessary provision for fulfilling the stipulations of this instrument, as they can conveniently arrange their affairs, and not to exceed one year from its ratification, they will vacate the ceded country, and remove to the lands reserved herein by them, or to the other lands provided for in lieu thereof, in the preceding article, as the case may be.


Now we the chiefs braves and principal men of the Otoes Missouries Omahaws Yankton and Santee bands of Sioux aforesaid fully understanding the subject and well satisfied from the local position of the lands in question, that they never can be made available for Indian purposes; and that an attempt to place an Indian population on them must inevitably lead to collisions with the citizens of the United States; and, further believing that the extension of the State line in the direction indicated, would have a happy effect by presenting a natural boundary between the whites and Indians; and willing moreover to give the United States a renewed evidence of our attachment and friendship; do hereby for ourselves and on behalf of our respective tribes (having full power and authority to this effect) for ever cede relinquish and quit claim to the United States all our right title and interest of whatsoever nature in and to the lands lying between the State of Missouri and the Missouri river, and south of a line running due west from the northwest corner of the State to the Missouri river, as herein before mentioned, and freely and fully exonerate the United States from any guarantee condition or limitation expressed or implied under the treaty of Prairie du Chien aforesaid or otherwise, as to the entire and absolute disposition of said lands, fully authorizing the United States to do with the same whatever shall seem expedient or necessary.


The Omahas, Ioways and Ottoes, for themselves, and in behalf of the Yanckton and Santie Bands of Sioux, having earnestly requested that they might be permitted to make some provision for their half-breeds, and particularly that they might bestow upon them the tract of country within the following limits, to wit; Beginning at the mouth of the Little Ne-mohaw River, and running up the main channel of said River to a point which will be ten miles from its mouth in a direct line; from thence in a direct line, to strike the Grand Nemohaw ten miles above its mouth, in a direct line (the distance between the two Ne-mohaws being about twenty miles)—thence down said River to its mouth; thence up, and with the Meanders of the Missouri River to the point of beginning, it is agreed that the half-breeds of said Tribes and Bands may be suffered to occupy said tract of land; holding it in the same manner, and by the same title that other Indian titles are held; but the President of the United States may hereafter assign to any of the said half-breeds, to be held by him or them in fee simple, any portion of said tract not exceeding a section, of six hundred and forty acres to each individual.

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Omaha Tribal Council Resolution No. 13-83 Reissuance of Omaha Tribal Code 1-pdf
Title 01 Courts 1-pdf
Title 02 Rules of Civil Procedure 1-pdf
Title 03 Rules of Criminal Procedure 1-pdf
Title 04 Rules of Appellate Procedure 1-pdf
Title 05 Crimes 1-pdf
Title 06 Police 1-pdf
Title 07 Fire Protection 1-pdf
Title 08 Alcoholic Beverage Control 1-pdf
Title 09 Animal Control 1-pdf
Title 10 Traffic Control 1-pdf
Title 11 Domestic Violence 1-pdf
Title 12 Omaha Youth 1-pdf
Title 13 Elder Abuse 1-pdf
Title 14 Fireworks Displays 1-pdf
Title 15 Wildlife and Parks 1-pdf
Title 16 Exclusion and Removal 1-pdf
Title 17 Sex Offender Registration Code 1-pdf
Title 18 Garnishment 1-pdf
Title 19 Domestic Relations 1-pdf
Title 20 Probate 1-pdf
Title 21 Involuntary Commitment & Guardianship 1-pdf
Title 22 Real Property 1-pdf
Title 23 Election Commission 1-pdf
Title 24 Foster Home Licensing Standards 1-pdf
Title 25 Privacy 1-pdf
Title 26 Freedom of Information 1-pdf
Title 27 Tribal Employment Rights 1-pdf
Title 28 REPEALED – see Title 29 Gaming
Title 29 Gaming 1-pdf
Title 30 Secured Transactions 1-pdf
Title 31 Limited Liability Companies 1-pdf
Title 32 Enterprise Board 1-pdf
Title 33 Business Corporations 1-pdf
Title 34 Not-For-Profit Corporations 1-pdf
Title 35 Business Permits 1-pdf
Title 36 Business Regulations 1-pdf
Title 37 Tribal Utility Commission 1-pdf
Title 38 Building Code 1-pdf
Title 39 Existing Building Standards 1-pdf
Title 40 Electrical Standards 1-pdf
Title 41 Energy Conservation Standards 1-pdf
Title 42 Mechanical Standards 1-pdf
Title 43 Plumbing Standards 1-pdf
Title 44 Residential Standards 1-pdf
Title 45 Environmental Protection 1-pdf
Title 46 Solid Waste Code 1-pdf
Title 47 Water Code 1-pdf
Title 48 Pesticide Control 1-pdf
Title 49 Arbitration Ordinance 1-pdf
Title 50 Tax Code 1-pdf
Appendix A Constitution & Bylaws of OTON Aug 7, 2015 1-pdf
Appendix B Corporate Charter Original 1-pdf
Appendix C Northern Plains Intertribal Court of Appeals Rules of Appellate Procedure 1-pdf
Appendix D 2006 Gaming Compact with State of Iowa 1-pdf
Appendix E Village of Macy Board of Supervisors 1-pdf
Appendix F Public Safety Commission 1-pdf
Appendix G Tribal Emergency Response Commission 1-pdf
Appendix H1 Ordinance creating Utility Commission 1-pdf
Appendix H2 Utility Commission Bylaws 1-pdf
Appendix H3 Utility Commission Rules and Regulations New 1-pdf
Appendix I Northeast Nebraska Enterprise Zone Association 1-pdf
Appendix J Institutional Review Board 1-pdf
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